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Founded by Yael Ben Zvi (Msc) in 1991, the company offers sustainable designs for complex situations of water pollution.
OFRA AQUA. Can analyze and assess the situation, in a given project and design a self-sustaining environmental solution, specific to the site and its special requirements. The core technology is constructed wetlands, but other technologies can be integrated according to specific needs and requirements.
Ofra integrates a team of experts from different disciplines: Hydraulics, Biology, Chemistry, civil engineering and architecture to create systems that not only work, but look natural and beautiful.
The fields of activity are:
  1. Municipal Wastewater treatment
  2. Landfill leachate treatment
  3. Livestock sewage and manure treatment
  4. River and lake management
  5. Nitrate removal
  6. Ponds and lakes landscaping
  7. Natural swimming ponds
  8. Hydrotherapy pools
The company has its own laboratory and research department
Yael Ben-Zvi, founder and sole owner, is an EU-recognized expert in water ecology and participates (as part of cost action) in EU discussions about phytoremediation (treating water and soil through plants).
Her scientific articles were published in the professional literature in Israel and abroad.
Some of the company's projects (design and construction):
  1. Founders Garden Hadera (decorative,1,000 m2)
  2. Botanic Garden on Givat Ram, the Hebrew university Jerusalem (decorative, 6,000 m2)
  3. Herods Hotel, Eilat; Royal Garden Hotel, Eilat
  4. The pond at Kibbutz Naot Semadar (27,000m2+  network of streams and aqueducts throughout the kibbutz)
  5. Achuzat Poleg (decorative pools + grey water treatment system)
  6. Achuzat Zahala (decorative pools)
  7. Achuzat Beit Hakerem (decorative pools, the largest about 300 m3)
  8. Tel Hashomer Hospital (decorative, about 200 m3)
  9. Ramat Aviv Mall (4 pools, overall area 3,000m2)
  10. Gan Meir, Tel Aviv (decorative, about 400 m2)
  11. Ampa Building as part of overall planning of the Bizaron area (decorative pool combined with plant purification system for storm water, about 600 m2)
  12. Ben-Sheffer Park, Herzlia (decorative, about 300 m3)
  13. Kfar Saba Municipal Park (decorative, about 300 m3)
  14. Olympia, Petach Tikva (decorative, about 300 m3)
  15. “HaChava” (the farm), bird watching area in Tel Aviv (200 m2)
  16. Rehabilitation of Tumarkin Pool, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv (800 m2)
  17. Rehabilitation of Wolfson Park pool, Tel Aviv (1900 m2)
  18. Decorative pool, Kochav Hazafon neighborhood, Tel Aviv (100 m2)
  19. Japanese Garden, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (100 m2)
  20. Bird watching Pool, Gilo School, Jerusalem (200 m2)
  21. Givat Ha’ahava, Rehovot (60 m2)
  22. Kiryat Sefer Park, Tel Aviv (400 m3)
  23. Ir Yamim plot 1002, residential area, total area2,000 m2
  24. South Kirya Pools – Sharona, Tel Aviv (300 m2)
  25. Remez Project, 2 Remez Street, Tel Aviv (200 m2)
  26. HaHorshot Park, Tel Aviv ( bid watching pond 2,500m2)
  27. Independence Square, Kiryat Ata (200m2)
  28. B’Ivrit Park, Rishon Lezion (2,000m2)
  29. Blue (about 10,000 m2 stage 2 is still in progress)
  30. Independence Square, Kiryat Ata (200m2)
  31. Herzlia Park (100 m2)
  32. Champion Building, Tel Aviv (about 400 m2 in front of the building and another 200 m2 on the roof)
33. Big Ashdod 5 water elements
34. Neve Gad
  1. Pond , 10,000 m2 in Azerbaijan
  2. Or Akiva municipal park
  3. Azrieli Hulon ponds
Under construction: current contracts
  1. Blue Stage 3 – residential area within a lake, total area of 10 dunams, Gelilot  (924,000 Euro)
  2. 2 piggeries in Ecuador
  3. Drinking water purification project, Ecuador
  4. River rehabilitation, Ecuador
  5. Municipal waste water project, MIslia and Jerva (the biggest in the middle east)
  6. Dimona Pond (11,000m2)
  7. Nitrate removal from polluted drinking water well, Tzur Moshe
  8. Nitrate removal from Dshanim wastewater- a factory for fertilizers
  9. Eilon WWTP sludge treatment
  10. Moledet dairy farm
  11. 10 small projects
Design only:
  1. Yahel Park (2,500 m2)
  2. Berkovich Square, Tel Aviv
  3. Heart Institute, Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv
  4. Rehabilitation of ancient pool, Bar Ilan University
  5. Gav Yam Zafon
  6. Marmalada Park, Beersheba
  7. Planning a 27,000 m2 swimming lake in a large residential compound in Bucharest, Romania
  8. HaChoshlim Project, Herzlia Industrial Zone
  9. Broshim Student Housing, Tel Aviv University
  10. Pond in a private home in Greece, 5 ,000 m2
  11. Fountain at an airport in Jamaica
  12. Neve Amal Park, Herzlia
  13. Integrated compound of a winter pond, decorative area and learning site, Kfar Shmaryahu (2 units of about 3000 M2 each)
On the design table:
  1. Ir Yamim Zukei hashmora, residential area, total area2,000 m2,
  2. Menorah House, Ramat Gan
  3. Rehabilitation of the Monford lake (52,000 M2)
  4. Hadera forest- creating a sustainable lake for recreation and treatment of storm water
  5. Hamesholash Hagadol, Ramat Gan- design of a recreational area that includes a solution for storm water and drainage
  6. Combined solution for 3 different dairy farms.
  7. Research and Beta site project to improve infiltration processes in the Shfdan
  8. 38 other projects.
Water purification
1.    Treating dairy Farm leachate and manure, 3 different projects under operation over 7 years
2.    Treating piggeries in Mexico and Cyprus
3.    Yarkon River, 7mills, treating non-point pollution  (2000m2, funded by the Ministry for Environmental affairs)
4.    Experimental project  at the Shfdan (sewage purification for the Dan Region) funded by the Italian Government in conjunction with Tel Aviv University) to enhance research of water polishing before remittance into river, Estrogen and anti-biotic removal
5.    Treating gas station sewage, Alon Dor and Delek companies
6.    Landfill leachate treatment, Hiria landfill
7.    Military bases
8.    Ahava cosmetics factory
9.    Planning a sewage treatment system for Kibbutz Lotan, including a bird watching park
10. Planning a Grey water system for the new Environmental Studies building, Tel Aviv University
11. Construction of municipal systems for new development projects in Mexico
12. River management and treatment in Mexico
13. Land fill leachate in Huado, China , a first project within a 40million US$ contract for landfill treatment in Chiina
14. Langtou ancient village China, combining water wastewater treatment with landscaping.
15. Integrated water system (sewage, purifying drinking water, natural swimming pool and decorative pools) in Southern Italy (in progress)
16. Upgrading the sewage treatment systems in Campeche, Mexico (in planning, implementation to begin in September2014)
17. Planning treatment systems for drinking water for 80 isolated villages in Peru
18. Qiao to land fill, China
19. Xia ma river rehabilitation, China
20. CIIP water reclamation, China
21. Campus , stage 2+3, Campech , Mexico
Research projects
Removal of Boron and Chlorides from Saline water in the desert 2002-2005
Nitrate removal from drinking water 2008-ongoing, at Beta site stage, at the stage of getting a permit to supply drinking water.
Removal of Estrogen and antibiotics 2005-2011 (financed by the Italian ministry of environment)
 River Non point pollution treatment, Yarkon river 2004-2006 (financed by the ministry of envinronment protection, Israel) 
Ofra has designed and constructed numerous natural swimming ponds, including heated hydrotherapy pools.